Youth Matinee

Join us for an Eye on Youth Watch Party, featuring latest in African animation and cinema geared toward youth. You can join us at 10:00am for a Watch Party followed by a panel for youth of illustrators Kwame Nyong'o (Kenya) and Comfort Arthur (Ghana) about their work and life's passions. If you miss the Watch Party, you can unlock the films later during the afternoon of March 27.

Belly Flop

Persistence pays off when an unashamed young girl learning to dive is unperturbed by a talented diver who steals the spotlight.


After her mother’s death, Maya, an ordinary Egyptian girl, sets out to become a Superhero vigilante.


Um Presente Especiale

When one of the 'children' of the Brats is stolen by the local Bully, it is up to them to retrieve it at all costs, at some point they discover that there are more toys that were stolen from other kids and that this Bully plans to sell them.

Os Pestinos

Lili, Stretch and ZéGordo, AKA, the Troublemakers, decide to surprise their friend Rosita by decorating her school for the neighborhood's annual Christmas dinner, however, they didn't expect to deal with Stinky who is a jealous kid and is willing to spoil the decorations and the event altogether.

La Gita

At the age of 14, Megalie, daughter of an immigrant family from Senegal but born and brought up in Italy, is faced with the difficult task of finding a place for herself in the world she is living in. When she is denied the opportunity of taking part in a school trip abroad, that place in the world will seem unattainable to her.