Join us for the latest in both youth narrative films and African animation. Screenings will be followed by a discussion with animators Shofela Coker and Ng’endo Mukki.

Saturday, March 23 | 3PM

Gugu naGogo

In English
Taku Mbudzi, Australia/Zimbabwe, 2022, 19 minutes

When a lunar eclipse stops her late-night letter exchanges, 12-year-old astronomer Gugu must find a way to reconnect with her beloved Gogo (grandmother) who lives far away in Zimbabwe.

Ibdelela Yokuphila

In Zulu with English subtitles
Dylan McGarry, South Africa, 2023, 6 minutes

In Zulu with English subtitles
Dylan McGarry, South Africa, 2023, 6 minutes
Nowandle, a Zulu storyteller, tells an ancient Zulu myth of a soul’s journey from river to deep sea. Moving through magical worlds, a water spirit undertakes an epic journey to be reunited with her ancestors who dwell in the deep sea.

Golden Zebu, Madagascourt Film Festival, 2023
Honorable Mention, Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2023


In English
Pious Nyenyewa and Tafadzwa Hove, Zimbabwe/South Africa, 15 minutes

After defacing and destroying a sacred monument, rebellious teenage influencer Mukudzei emerges from the ruins into an alternate future where Zimbabwe was never colonized and developed into a technologically advanced utopian society. Lost and confused, Mukudzei meets a mysterious scavenger named Rumbie and begs her for help, but quickly discovers he’s being hunted by the Hungwe, a huge robotic eagle enforcing the most sophisticated justice system in the multiverse.


In English
Shofela Coker, Nigeria/South Africa, 2023, 12 minutes

Lonely spirit boy Luo is trapped in the realm of the gods and haunted by terrifying giants, until he is suddenly rescued by Moremi, a daring scientist from future Nigeria. With the giants in hot pursuit, they escape across the country and head for the sanctuary of Moremi’s lab. As Moremi helps Luo connect with his lost memories she reveals the truth of the terrible sacrifice that was once made to save their people.


In English
Ng’endo Mukii, Kenya/South Africa, 2023, 15 minutes

Floating through the universe in her gourd-shaped home, young Enkai just wants to spend time with her single mother, Shiro, a cosmic deity who works all the time in the stressful and demanding job of saving the Earth from man-made destruction.

Best Limited Series, TV/Media category, Annie Awards, 2024