Senay Berhe

Founder, Afripedia

Senay Berhe has spent the last 15 years perfecting his creative craft in a wide range of media including art, photography and filmmaking. This experience has helped to define his role as creative director of Afripedia, an online platform for promoting African creatives throughout the continent and the diaspora. He has developed the company’s visual tone as well as conception and production of all content. Senay is an award winning director who co-founded Stocktown Films, an independent production company based in Stockholm and New York. He has developed numerous digital campaigns, directed and produced international documentaries and his work of art and films has been screened and exhibit through galleries and film festivals across the world. He’s also won a Swedish Grammy for his work in music videos. Senay is currently based in New York and part of New Museum’s incubator program, New Inc, where he is evolving Afripedia into a globally-recognized platform.