Rokhaya Diallo

Journalist, Author, Filmmaker, and Activist

Rokhaya Diallo is a French journalist, writer, and award winning filmmaker. Her powerful and courageous work dismantles the barricades of racism and sexism through the promotion of equality and pluralism. Rokhaya is the host of two TV shows for BET France, a contributor to the RTL radio program, “On refait le Monde” (We change the World), and a pundit on several networks, including Canal +, TV5, and France 24. Through analyzing the dynamic reconstruction of French culture and the origins of societal fracturing she co-authored and hosted “Egaux mais pas trop” (Equals but not too much) on LCP-AN.

Recognized as an international authority in her field, Rokhaya has contributed to the Huffington Post, and regularly writes for Elle Magazine and the newspaper Liberation. As one of the most influential black figures in Europe today Rokhaya‘s insight has been sought by both BBC Radio and NPR regarding her stance on anti-racism Rokhaya directed and co-produced the documentaries: Steps to Liberty (2013); Networks of Hate (2014); and Not your Mama’s Movement (2016). Her passionate work to break down gender prejudice and racial discrimination is appreciated worldwide. With great anticipation of reaching out to the American public, her most recent work, Not Your Mama’s Movement, will be premiering at the Schomburg Center in New York on October 26, 2016. Among Rokhaya’s published works are Racism: A Guide (2011), France Belongs to Us (2012), France: One and Multicultural (2012), and How To Talk To Kids About Racism (2013). In 2015, Rokhaya released her first graphic novel Pari(s) d’Amies, followed closely by her newest book Afro!.