Kwame Nyong’o

Illustrator, Writer, Director

Kwame is a Nairobi-based writer, illustrator, animator, director and producer. He is well known for his children’s books A Tasty Maandazi, I Love Ugali and Sukuma Wiki and The Yummiest Githeri. Kwame is passionate to offer stories from the Africa that is often not shown; positive and uplifting narratives that span the continent’s past, present and exciting future.

Kwame has been involved in various animation training and production initiatives such as UNESCO’s Africa Animated! Project, which trained over 40 African animators across the continent with an internationally acclaimed curricula, and Tinga Tinga Tales, a children’s animated series for Disney and BBC that was produced in Kenya.

Kwame’s well regarded animated short, The Legend of Ngong Hills, has won many awards worldwide for its exploration of using animation to tell African folklore. Kwame considers himself lucky to live in Kenya where the unique sights, sounds and people inspire him daily.